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Backup Tab

Backup Tab

Cloud Services are value-added services, such as backup, that can be offered to organizations for their virtual machines and physical devices, although typically just virtual machines. These services can be managed by the customer or managed by IBM. Availability of specific services for any given virtual machine can be limited by constraints in the physical, rather than virtual, environment.

From the Backup tab, you can view the virtual machines and their backup images and Restore a Backup Image to a Virtual Machine.

Note: Deduplication of backups is not possible for virtual hardware versions prior to vmx-7, which will result in higher storage costs for backup images. To ensure your virtual machines are current and at virtual hardware versions vmx-7 or newer, follow Upgrade Virtual Machine Hardware Version. Hardware Version will not appear if the virtual hardware version is current.

  1. Click Backup.
  2. The backup information is displayed:

    • Protected virtual machines appear.
    • All images for each virtual machine appear.
    • Image storage usage appears.
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