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Disable Burst Resources

Disable Bursting

In reserved compute pools, resource bursting allows a compute pool to expand demand beyond purchased resources using a separate, designated pool of host resources. To utilize bursting, the compute pool must be configured for bursting; contact your service delivery manager if you are unsure of the burst configuration for any compute pool. In a compute pool configured for bursting, you can disable bursting for processor or memory from Infinicenter Console.

In instance-based compute pools, bursting is not needed and is not available. To maintain performance, IBM monitors your virtual machine placement and resources needed.

You can disable processor or memory bursting in any compute pool for which bursting is configured. You can disable from either the all Compute Pools tab or from a specific compute pool tab.

Disable Bursting from All Compute Pools Tab

  1. Click All Compute Pools.
  2. Click Reserved compute pools.
  3. Click the bursting icon, not configured.
  4. The Confirmation dialog appears.

  5. Click OK.

Disable Bursting from a Specific Compute Pool Tab

  1. Select a reserved compute pool.
  2. Click Summary.
  3. Click Disable Burst, not configured.
  4. The Confirmation dialog appears.

  5. Click OK.