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Purchased Versus Burst Resource Usage

Purchased Versus Burst Resource Usage

When bursting is enabled, colors on the graph indicate the state of bursting and bursting resource utilization.

  1. Blue graph indicates normal usage.
  2. Purple graph indicates burst usage; not applicable in Instance-based compute pools.
  3. White background indicates usage zone below bursting.
  4. Pink background indicates bursting time interval and usage zone above bursting; not applicable in Instance-based compute pools.
  5. The blue vertical line and legend shows the 95th percentile usage at the time indicated.
  6. Note: Resource utilization is captured every five minutes. The 95th percentile is calculated from the 288 utilization readings of the preceding 24 hours. The 95th percentile is the utilization reading below which 95%, or 273, of the 288 readings fall.

  7. The orange vertical line and legend, if a specific time is selected, indicates usage at the selected time; otherwise it is not shown. To select a time:
    • Click on the graph to view resource utilization at that selected time.
    • Click << to move back one hour.
    • Click < to move back five minutes.
    • Click > to move ahead five minutes.
    • Click >> to move ahead one hour.