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Reset Your Enterprise Cloud Password

Reset Your Enterprise Cloud Password

Should you forget your password, you may reset it from the Sign In screen.

  1. Click Forgot Password?
  2. The Reset Login Credentials dialog appears to request your user name.

  3. Type your User Name.
  4. Click Next.
  5. The Reset Login Credentials dialog appears to request your Security Questions.

  6. Type the Answer to Question one.
  7. Type the Answer to Question two.
  8. Click Verify Answer.
  9. The Successful dialog appears.

  10. Click Close.

You will be asked to reset your password by an email.

  1. Open the Reset Account email.
  2. Copy the TOKEN to type or paste on the Account Reset page.
  4. The Account Reset page appears.

  5. Paste or type the Token from the email.
  6. Click Validate.
  7. The Reset Password page appears.

  8. Type a New Password.
  9. Type it again to Verify New Password.
  10. Note: Password requirements are defined by the organization's Password Policy.

  11. Click Save.
  12. The Password Reset Completed dialog appears.

  13. Click Sign In Page to sign in.