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Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud

IBM brings the power of the cloud to the enterprise with solutions built to integrate seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure, compatible with your existing applications, and conforming to your policies and compliance needs; helping you move faster, respond quicker, and accelerate innovation. Enterprise Cloud gives you precise, dynamic allocation of computing resources with the scale, performance and security to handle enterprise-wide applications. Large organizations, IT executives and multi-site teams will appreciate the robust solution for its multi-user capacity, dedicated resource pool architecture and role-based security model as well as private network connectivity and physical device integration.

We offer you services and solutions in every part of the cloud services continuum enabling you to adopt the cloud that is right for your business and your needs, right now. Our portfolio of highly secure, scalable, and on-demand solutions include from private cloud deployments and traditional IT managed services as well as public cloud services for enterprises that deliver flexibility and choice.

Enterprise Cloud combines the power and flexibility of infrastructure-as-a-service with the expertise, security and availability that large organizations with mission-critical computing needs demand of their infrastructure.

Enterprise Cloud offers customers two ways of controlling their cloud resources.

With resource-based compute pools, Enterprise Cloud gives customers a discrete, dedicated pool of compute resources (CPU, memory, and storage) where you create and manage your own virtual servers.

Because resource-based compute pools are based on resources, not large and inflexible server units, the Enterprise Cloud allows for precise and dynamic allocation of computing resources when and where they're needed.

With instance-based compute pools, an organization obtains additional compute capacity in Enterprise Cloud without a long term commitment for resources. Virtual server instances receive dedicated storage resources when created and dedicated processor and memory resources when running. They exist in a compute pool separate from any resource-based compute pools the organization may have. In instance-based compute pools, you still have complete control over the compute resources allocated to each virtual server.

Organizations incur processor and memory charges only when an instance-based virtual server is powered on. Organizations incur storage charges when an instance-based virtual machine is created.

Regardless of your choice, you control load balancers and firewall resources allocated to your environment without requiring specialized knowledge or assistance. All of this through an easy-to-use Web console, Infinicenter Console. And your resources are based on IBM's proven Infinistructure utility computing platform, massive and diverse network connectivity, and top-tier data centers. Enterprise Cloud has the scale, performance and security to meet all your enterprise needs.

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