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Enterprise Cloud Application Programming Interface Documentation Version 2016-12-01

Enterprise Cloud
Application Programming Interface

Version 2016-12-01

IBM is pleased to announce, with Update 2016-12-17 of the Enterprise Cloud, the availability of version 2016-12-01 of the Enterprise Cloud Application Programming Interface.

Note: Version 2016-12-01 deprecated effective 27 January 2018 in accordance with Enterprise Cloud API Support Policy.

IBM strives to produce the best documentation possible and welcomes comments and corrections, no matter how trivial, from readers. We frequently update the documents as we incorporate corrections of errors or suggestions for improvements. The last update date in the table below indicates when new versions are available. If you have a comment or correction, please submit it to, also shown at the bottom of page 2 of the documentation.

Get Started

For organizations just starting with the Enterprise Cloud Application Programming Interface, this section will get you started.

Become Familiar with Key Concepts

Users new to the application programming interface should download the Enterprise Cloud Application Programming Interface, available below.

The reader is encouraged to carefully review the introductory sections, sections 1 through 5, before delving into the references. Many important requirements and restrictions are described only in these sections. A thorough understanding of these topics will avert many potential implementation issues.

After reviewing the introductory sections, a brief review of the use cases in section 6 Application Programming Interface Programmer’s Guide may be helpful in associating API calls to the Infinicenter Console operations. The structure of the Programmer's Guide follows the layout of the Infinicenter Console.

Begin a New API Session

After reading section 3 Security Model, the reader will appreciate the importance of beginning each session with the preparatory calls of Get Time and Get Versions as described in 6.2 Preparation.

Enter the API

As discussed in 4 Call Concepts, the Enterprise Cloud Application Programming Interface uses Links and Actions, each with an opaque hypertext reference or href, to guide the user through the API. The Get Organizations call is the entry point for the API. The call returns links and references, directly or indirectly, to all other branches of the API as described in 6.2 Preparation.

Safely Develop with the Live Specification

As a convenience to Application Programming Interface users, IBM offers the Live Specification to assist in creating applications with the API. The complete implementation of the API, every call, is available. While the data is static, the responses are accurately constructed. In many cases, such as for edits and creates, responses are tailored to important input values.

For further information, see section 5.3 Live Specification of the Enterprise Cloud Application Programming Interface available below.

Explore the API with the Cloud API Explorer

The Cloud API Explorer is a development tool and companion to the Application Programming Interface. The API Explorer enables easy interaction with the API from a browser. The Cloud API Explorer should be used in conjunction with the Enterprise Cloud Application Programming Interface and the Enterprise Cloud Application Programming Interface Cloud API Explorer, available below.

The Cloud API Explorer is available at

Note: The Cloud API Explorer supports only the Enterprise Cloud API; other APIs are not supported.

Download the Documentation

Download the API documentation and the Cloud API Explorer documentation by clicking on the links below Attachments.

Filename Last Update
Cloud API Explorer Update 2016-12-17.pdf08 April 2019 12:52Z
eCloud API Update 2016-12-17.pdf08 April 2019 13:40Z

Schemas are in section 10 Schema of the Enterprise Cloud Application Programming Interface Version 2014-01-01 available above. Download the schemas for all API messages by clicking on the links below:

Filename Description
CloudAPI-2016-12-01.xsd Main Message Schema
proxy_v20161201_Terremark.CloudApi.xsd Alert Status and Type Enumerations Microsoft Serialization Schema