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Users Tab

Users Tab

From the Users tab, you can manage interactive and API users, VPN users, security groups, and roles.

Interactive users can log into Infinicenter Console to manage their Enterprise Cloud. If Basic authentication is permitted, interactive users can also use their credentials with the Enterprise Cloud Application Programming Interface (API).

API users cannot log into Infinicenter Console. They can only use their API keys with the Enterprise Cloud Application Programming Interface (API) using CloudApi authentication. An API user is a "user" in that they:

  • Have specific access rights.
  • Their actions are audited.
  • Access can be disabled or removed.

An API user is not, however, a "user account" in that they:

  • Do not participate in the registration process nor receive invitations.
  • Do not have email addresses.
  • Do not have a password.
  • Do not have access to the user interface.
  • Do not have VPN access.

API users are useful for organizations that exclusively use the API to manage their Enterprise Cloud and wish to manage their users through their local identity service, such as Microsoft® Active Directory, rather than duplicate users in the Enterprise Cloud. They can create API users for each role they need and associate those API users to equivalent local identity service groups.

API users are useful for automation of tasks in Enterprise Cloud where an API user is created with a specific role for that task. For example, a program monitors activity in the Enterprise Cloud. When a surge in activity degrades performance on an Internet service, the program automatically creates additional virtual machines and adds them to the degrading Internet service. When the activity declines, the program deletes the extra virtual machines.

VPN users cannot log into Infinicenter Console and cannot use their credentials with the Enterprise Cloud Application Programming Interface (API). VPN users can only log into the VPN service to access their Enterprise Cloud networks.

Activities in Users tab include:

Navigate to Users Tab

  1. Click My Account.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Select the Users activity.
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